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Storytelling: Creativity, Engagement, Intercultural sharing 
Wintersemester 2020
Zentrum für Personal- und Hochschulentwicklung
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This workshop offers an immersive experience of Creative, Engaging, Intercultural Storytelling. Sharing unscripted stories and responding to them emotionally and imaginatively is part of being human. Techniques for developing your own and other people's confidence and competence as storytellers will be introduced and explored.

Sharing folk tales, myths and fables from the world's oral cultures has far-reaching benefits for the community as a whole and fosters positive attitudes to cultural diversity. Through storytelling, creative retelling and story-making people from all backgrounds and of all ages can grow in resilience and self-esteem, find their own unique voices, feel encouraged to tell their own personal stories and develop as members of a community. Storytelling humanises the learning experience in these challenging times of change.
In this inclusive workshop, participants are given the opportunity to:

1. do engaging and confidence-building personal storytelling activities which can easily be adapted to different contexts
2. respond creatively to and retell folk stories told by David and share other folk stories they may know
3. consider the benefits of telling stories from diverse heritage cultures, including those represented in the local community
4. find out how telling folk tales engenders personal storytelling and offers the possibility to see local and global issues from new perspectives

This is a practical and experiential workshop about giving people opportunities to be creative, to be playful, to rehearse and to perform as they learn, and all this within a supportive, confidence-building framework. Participants will come away with practical techniques and, perhaps, new insights.
220.00016 Storytelling: Creativity, Engagement, Intercultural sharing (7UE FB, WS 2020/21)
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Meeting-Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85235370338?pwd=SGlrZU1aWUdjeTVBWDhrNE1uNkVmZz09
Meeting ID: 852 3537 0338
Passcode: 670304