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Say it like you mean it! – Written & Oral Communication Skills for Academics in English 
Wintersemester 2020
Zentrum für Personal- und Hochschulentwicklung
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You are an expert in your field and now you are sharing your results. How do you get your message across effectively? This workshop focuses on written skills for articles and presentation skills for conferences, so that you successfully share your message with the public. These skills include thesis statements, organizing ideas, hedging (the low/high possibility of causal relationships), connecting with the audience, rhetorical strategies.

This 2-part workshop will focus on language skills and strategies to aid you in comfortably conveying your research to an audience both orally and in written format.

Day 1 will focus on key ideas, organizing text/presentation, vocabulary, common challenges with pronunciation, hedging and rhetorical techniques. Additional topics can also include body posture/language, transition words, visual aids and speech organization.
Day 2 will focus on putting these elements into action within your own upcoming presentation or article, along with immediate feedback from the lecturer and others.

About Michelle Gilluly-Beham (www.targetlanguage.at), Owner & Founder of Target Language Communication:
Michelle Gilluly-Beham is an English Native Speaker from Seattle, Washington USA. She earned a MA in English & American Studies with a focus on Language Didactics and a BA in English as a Foreign Language (TESOL), German, Spanish & Education. She has 12 years of teaching experience at all educational levels. From 2014-18, she lived and worked in the Silicon Valley, California USA. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Toastmasters International. She has the Professional and Master Coaching Certificates. In short, Conversation, Connection… and coffee!
Come prepared to speak English, interact and reflect on both your and others’ presentations. Bring a recent article or an article/paper in progress.
- To develop strategies in order to confidently convey key ideas both in written format and orally (presentations)
- To strengthen skills in guiding the reader/audience through text/presentation (transitional phrases), offer possibilities (hedging), and develop conclusions through key words and scientific vocabulary.
220.00012 Say it like you mean it! – Written & Oral Communication Skills for Academics in English (4UE FB, WS 2020/21)
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