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Pedagogical Leadership and Classroom Observation as a Process for Improvement 
Sommersemester 2019
Zentrum für Personal- und Hochschulentwicklung
Zuordnungen: 8 
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Lecturer: Prof. Petros Pashiardis, Open University of Cyprus

Recent research in the past few decades has convincingly indicated that the exercise of pedagogical leadership on behalf of the school principal contributes substantially to the improvement of student achievement. As Barber (2009) has stressed, by replacing a “mediocre” principal with an “excellent” one in a mediocre school, we can have more than 20% improvement on student achievement (results of a meta-analysis of 69 pieces of research between 1978 and 2001). Primarily, the school leader, as the pedagogical leader, through his/her daily activities and behaviours helps increase effective teaching and learning in the classroom, increases the feelings of colleagueship among teachers and cements the feelings of cooperation and collaboration among teachers, thus increasing their professional development. As a result, participants in this session will be involved in a dynamic dialogue and process of thinking, exchange of ideas and reflection around the specific actions and behaviours which the principal exhibits. These actions and behaviours are, as a whole, the lines through which the school principal establishes direction towards the formation of a strategy for the effective exercise of pedagogical leadership which is based on the vision of an improved school. Then, under the LISA Leadership Model, and specifically by utilizing the Instructional/Pedagogical Leadership Style, we will discuss why classroom observation is necessary for teacher growth and explore key actions of effective teachers which are important in order to have effective teaching and learning. These are: Clarity; Variety; Dedication on their teaching tasks; Focus on the learning process; and a Satisfactory degree of success for every student. Thus, we will (hopefully) reach the conclusion that effective teachers: Discover personal goals for teaching; Are cognizant about their own behaviors; Have flow; and Are leaders of leaders. All these, with the guidance of Effective Pedagogical School Leaders.
The process will be an interactive lecture and some work activity towards the end.

The main aims are to:
• acquaint the participants with the Holistic leadership model (Pashiardis-Brauckmann) and then,
• based on the model, to explore in-depth the Pedagogical leadership style, in order to
• identify effective school leadership as well as effective teaching processes.
220.00048 Pedagogical Leadership and Classroom Observation as a Process for Improvement (2UE FB, SS 2018/19)
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