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Eröffnung der 5. VoiceS – European Teachers Konferenz 
Sommersemester 2018
Fortbildung Institut für Diversität und Internationales
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Eröffnung International Week 2018: Come2Graz – VoiceS Conference INSPIRATION – Intercultural Communication and Diversity

Keynote: Cultural competencies in higher education – what, why and how? (Yael Tågerud): Internationalization is not a new component in education, especially in its sense of bildung. Throughout history, meeting “the others” has brought about new lessons and important insights. Nowadays, internationalization in higher education is of significance for both bottom-up initiatives and a top-down policies. Furthermore, our higher education environments and societies at large have become increasingly multicultural due to mobility and migrations that are the result of various different circumstances. Feeling comfortable and acting unobtrusively in multicultural environments is nowadays an asset in many contexts. Cultural intelligence and intercultural communication competencies are, therefore, increasingly important and we all benefit from understanding how we can further our skills for intercultural encounters. In her presentation, Yael Tågerud, walks us through the landscape of intercultural encounters, highlighting skills and tools that can help us improve the quality of our intercultural communication experiences.

Details siehe: https://www.phst.at/international/veranstaltungen-projekte/international-week-voices-conference/come2graz-international-week-2018/
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661.8IN02 Eröffnung der 5. VoiceS – European Teachers Konferenz (2UE FB, SS 2017/18)
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