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EN - Games in the EFL Classroom 
Wintersemester 2021
Fortbildung AHS
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Learning by playing is fundamental to human development and has a place in education, too. Dice and cards, game-based platforms, story apps, interactive TikTok, role-playing character sheets, Escape Rooms, world-building games, narrative computer games, and much more, this workshop introduces you to a wide range of games, including those specifically designed for English language education. We demonstrate how to exploit authentic English-language material to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening activities using the media that your pupils know and love.

Thomas Kunze is founder of Games Institute Austria which focuses on the use of Games and gamelike methods in education and professional development. A teacher and linguist by profession and an avid gamer since his early days he is convinced that gaming has an enormous influence on what the world is going to look like in the near future.

Melissa Kennedy runs the B.Ed and M.Ed English Culture and Literature programmes at the PHOÖ.

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Englisch, Unterstufe, Oberstufe, Interaktivität, Spiele, Game-Based Learning
You will have a chance to discover and try out a range of game formats and develop lessons using games as source material. The workshop gives you experience and confidence working with the media form most well-known by kids today so that you can offer them the language and critical literacy they often lack.
27F1A1EN14 EN - Games in the EFL Classroom (16UE FB, WS 2021/22)
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