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[abgesagt] EN - Rethinking Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening Skills 
Sommersemester 2021
Fortbildung AHS
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Do you ever feel you have been teaching these four skills in the same way for a while and would like a fresh perspective? We will revisit different aspects of teaching the language skills, examine and discuss how to effectively prepare students for skills texts or tasks and how to design effective skills tasks. We will cover a wide range of aspects of skills work, like strategies and authenticity.

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Englisch, Unterstufe, Oberstufe, Sprache, Sprechen, Schreiben, Lesen, Hören
Among the aspects of skills work we will cover are: whether we should pre-teach vocabulary for texts; mining texts for language; alternative ways of working with reading and listening texts; developing strategies for the different skills; authenticity in skills practice; what makes an effective speaking task and how we can motivate our learners to write. You will come away with a new perspective on some of these aspects of language skills teaching and some practical ideas to put them into practice.
27F1A1EN11 [abgesagt] EN - Rethinking Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening Skills (18UE FB, SS 2020/21)
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