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Course type: Education/Continuing education

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Soccer/football and volleyball 
Summer semester 2020
Fach Fach Bewegung und Sport
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Freie Wahllehrveranstaltung: 1.5 ECTS-Credits
Allocations: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
Building on the basics of small games, the ability to play is put into practice and improved. In all cases, game practice will be the most important. In addition to technique (elementary technique-coarse-shaping-fine-shaping-complex-exercise training under space/time pressure ...), tactical behaviors will also play an important role (opponent observation, opponent-related game preparation ...). In a wide range of exercise and game forms, the individual abilities as well as different defense and attack strategies in the group should be improved and perfected.
The students are able to explain, mediate and demonstrate individual techniques (for example passing, shooting technique, playing to another player, excavator, attack, etc.) from soccer/football and volleyball,
they can apply error corrections for the individual techniques,
they know the main points of soccer/football and volleyball rules and can use them as coaches, instructors or referees
German (primary), English
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