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Course type: Education/Continuing education

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North American Civilization 
Winter semester 2019/20
Fach Fach Englisch
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Freie Wahllehrveranstaltung: 3 ECTS-Credits
Allocations: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
Who were the men on US banknotes or on Mount Rushmore? What is their significance for American identity? In how far are Homer Simpson and Breaking Bad’s Mr. White reflections of the American people in popular culture? How have musicians such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, or Beyoncé Knowles influenced global perception of America? Who were Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks? How did the Louisiana Purchase, the Gold Rush, or the Moon Landing contribute to the frontier spirit?
Looking at North American history from its very beginnings into the 21st century, this class tries to find answers to these questions and many more.
This lecture course aims to familiarize students with North American civilization through its culture, history, and main political figures.
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mindestens 3
Wiegand, Steve. U.S. History For Dummies. (3rd ed.) Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2014.
Mauk, David and John Oakland. American Civilization - An Introduction. (6th ed.) New York: Routledge, 2014.
King, Martin Luther Jr. Why We Can't Wait. New York: Beacon Press, 1964.
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