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Course type: Education/Continuing education

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Allgemeine Angaben
Principles of motor development and movement 
Winter semester 2019/20
Lehrveranstaltungen LV Primar BA
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Freie Wahllehrveranstaltung: 1.5 ECTS-Credits
Angaben zur Abhaltung
- diverse, fast-moving range of activities to support motor developement ( walk, run, hop, jump, climb...)
- games to promote physical and mental growth
- learning processes (fair play, accepting rules, team and group building)
- exercise programmes to stabilise posture
- correct handling of large and small equipment
- secure and stabilise movement stations
The students
- can access a wide range of motivating movement concepts to encourage motor skills and fitness
- plan, organise and lead movement activities
- gain confidence in the handling of eqipment
- develope programmes that support all students ( diversity-sensitive)
  • German
  • English

- reflection on possible issues
- practical approach to materials for movement activities
- recognise possible dangers and and establish safety strategies
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Angaben zur Prüfung
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continuous assessment