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Course type: Education/Continuing education

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Allgemeine Angaben
Principles of a constucted environment 
Winter semester 2019/20
Lehrveranstaltungen LV Primar BA
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Freie Wahllehrveranstaltung: 1.5 ECTS-Credits
Angaben zur Abhaltung
- construction principles and structural analysis
- living, spatial arrangement and room function
- implementing the basics of spatial experience, evaluation and use of space with the help of practical work
- boosting spatial awareness through definition and seperation/dividing space
- producing models in the areas of living anf building under consideration of structural principals
- expanding knowledge of machinery, tools and materials
The students:
- build, test and modify structural principles usind modely and artifacts and using the dirived design and construction techniques
- explain living and room function, discuss and interpret planning details
- improve manual skills and abilities
- adapt materials and product processes when necessary in terms of diversity and inclusion
German (primary), English

Seminars and practical lessons
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Angaben zur Prüfung
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oral exam of machinery, tools and materials knowledge
practical work
continuous assessment