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Maturafit. Zielgruppe: Lehrer_innen für Englisch der SEK II 
Sommersemester 2021
Sekundarstufe II AHS
Zuordnungen: 16 
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In the years since its inception, the English Matura exam has been evolving continuously. The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with an up-to-date analysis of the exam, what it asks the test takers to do and how to best prepare students for sitting the exam. We are going to examine receptive task types and use the insights gained to create our own reading tasks during the workshop. In a similar vein, we will look at how to write a language in use task that focuses on vocabulary and structures worked on in class. For the writing part of the Matura, we are going to compare typical features of the different text types and use some of the available bench-marked texts to improve our performance as reliable raters of student texts.
The participants of the workshop will achieve a deeper understanding of the written English Matura, which will enable them to help their students perform better in the exam. They will improve their skills in creating their own reading and language in use tasks for classroom use, as well as become more reliable raters of student performances in the written part of the exam.
C10S21AW00 Maturafit. Zielgruppe: Lehrer_innen für Englisch der SEK II (7UE FB, SS 2020/21)
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15.02.202109:0016:30Online SeminarAbhaltungfix
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