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Leistungstyp Forschungsprojekt (+)
Projekttitel It Takes Two to Tandem
Untertitel Links between E-Tandem Language Learning, Foreign Language Enjoyment, Foreign Language Anxiety and Learner Autonomy
Beschreibung Given many higher education institutions tend to show a rather low systemic autonomy (Tatzl, 2013), this project aims to mitigate barriers to learner autonomy by the implementation of an e-Tandem scheme. E-Tandem language learning is where two speakers of different L1s, each being the other interlocutor’s target language, mutually support each other in the learning process making use of digital media (e.g., Skype, WhatsApp). It can successfully be used as a complementary ‘non-formal’ method (Vetter, 2014) in the foreign language classroom in higher education. The current project integrates such an approach of crossing borders virtually, in which students of English (L1 German) from the University College of Teacher Education, Vienna|Krems and the University of Vienna are paired with learners of German (L1 English) from King’s College London, Oxford University, the University of Cambridge and the University of Texas at Austin. They are continuously given collaborative tasks to work on together. The study employs a mixed methods approach (web questionnaires, in-depth interviews, recordings of e-Tandem sessions) to shed light on the effect of such a tandem language scheme on students’ motivation, foreign language enjoyment (see, e.g., Dewaele & MacIntyre, 2016), foreign language anxiety and potential for fostering autonomy (Dam, 2003; Menezes De Oliveira, 2011).
Forschungsschwerpunkt Unterrichtsentwicklung und Schulentwicklung
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  • Resnik, Pia; Mag. Dr. MA.
  • Schallmoser, Christine; MMag., MA, KCL

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  • Resnik, Pia; Mag. Dr. MA.

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  • Mair, Monika

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    Laufzeit von 01.10.2016 bis 30.09.2021
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